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 ~~The Rules~~

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PostSubject: ~~The Rules~~   Sat May 03, 2008 6:44 pm

1. Language:
No fighting, cursing, flaming, street talk or ebonics, etc. Let's keep this board peaceful and understandable.

2. Keep other energies to a limit, don't post chi/ki techniques out of nowhere. If you are comparing energies and such, that's fine, just don't start to 'teach' them, this forum is for psi.

3. Don't use dark colored font.

4. No religion topics unless it is on the debate board.

5. No drugs or sex, no pictures, no links.

6. No all caps. It's immature and annoying.

7. Most importantly, No plagiarizing! If you want to share something with us then post the link or credit the information to the creator!

8. Don't give out any personal/private information on THIS SITE! Take it outside if you must, although I don't recommend it anyways.

Ex. A PM saying "Here is my cell number,555-555-5555, I go to ____ School, and my address is 10199, Calamari St. 4392, VA."
Anything like that, don't give it out here.

If you see any of these rules being broken, please contact me with the link.

Disciplinary System:

1. Verbal Warning*(on site of your post where you broke a rule)
2. Verbal Warning**(in a PM)
3. Banned for 2 days
4. Banned for a week
5. Banned for a month
6. Banned forever
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~~The Rules~~
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