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PostSubject: Programming   Tue May 06, 2008 4:42 am

Another lesson...

(This has been removed from my programming article, it does a decent job of explaining it. I'm putting it here in addition to adding some exercises for programming.)

Many newbies ask "how do I make my psiball do (insert task here)" And I always reply programming, which leads to a long conversation of to do it. so this article is going to explain a little about programming and many ways one can program

Programming, What Is It?

So you just made a psiball and want to actually use it for something. How do you do that? You program! Programming is telling a blob of psi to do something. Unfotunately you can't just yell at it. You have to learn to speak a language that it understands. Like learning to program a computer.

Lets say you want to program a psiball to be hot, and for it to follow you. I will list different ways that you can make your soon to be construct(programmed blob of psi) do exactly that.


This is just what the name implies, you see in your head what you want it to do. So with our example, You have your psiball between your hands(or anywhere, it doesn't really matter) and you close your eyes and concentrate on it, and then you imagine it catching on fire and burning things. Then you "see" it following you everywhere you go. If done properly It will do just that!

Simplicty is the reason that visualization is popular. Unfortunately It can't be used for some more advanced constructs.

Tactile Visualization

This is almost the same as visualization. For some people it works better, or not at all. What this is, is "feeling" os if you want your psiball to be hot, you have to "feel" the heat and put that feeling in the psiball. More complex commands are more difficult. As it is hard for most people to "feel" it following them.

Tactile is not really that popular because it is hard to use for more difficult things, and is very limited in what you can do with it.


This means literaly thinking the words of what you want your psiball to do. So with our example while you have your psiball you "tell" it in your mind "You are going to be hot, and you are going to follow me where ever I go." This works okay for most people. And it's not hard to understand.

This is a very common method because it is almost impossible not to understand. Also, it can be used for complex constructs because you can be very specific with your words.


This is going to be short. Conceptualization is my favorite method. It involves comeing up with one or two feelings or thoughts that represent to you exactly what you want it to do. I can't tell you how you would program the psiball to be hot and follow you. This is beacause it is different for every person.

Conceptualization is only common among the more advanced psions. It is hard to learn how to do it. but once you can it is very fast and can be used to do things that you can't describe with words.

A Combination

This is what most people do. They use a combination of techniques. So with you psiball, you might tell it to "Be hot and follow me" while at the same taime visualizing it following you, and feeling the heat.

This is, for most people, the best way. It lets them program many things and reinforce in multiple ways.

Exercises for Programming

To get better at something you have to practice it. And it is always good to practice in a variaty of ways. So here are a few exercises you can use to help you practice. They are ordered from easiest to hardest.

1. Make a hot/cold psiball

2. Make a psiball that sticks to things when you throw it.

3. Make a psiball tha is programmed to taste like a food.

4. Make a psipet

5. Make a selfsufficient psipet that gathers it's own energy and mrepairs itself and shields itslef

6. Make a force bubble

7. Make a self aware psipet

I'll stop there as seven is lucky. When you can do all of those quickly and easily, let me know and I'll have to think of more things for you to do.

If you have any questions or need clairifaction on programming post it in this topic.
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