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 Flaring, How to

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PostSubject: Flaring, How to   Tue May 06, 2008 4:42 am

Well someone asked me to write an article on flaring so here it is...

Flaring, How To

An explanation of what Flaring is

Flaring is the act of making a construct emit visible light. So I if I flare a psiball that is green, it will give off green light. Most of the time it is not enough to be usefull, but it is enough to prove your sanity... Flaring has no practile purpose other than showing off. So if you are looking for the next "usefull" skill to learn this is not it. But, if you're looking to show off, this is the place to be!

The Effects of Flaring a Construct

I'm sure it is different for everyone but I will explain what happens when I flare. It starts out invisible, then I start to see sparks and dots of light. In a minute or two it will start to form "snakes" or little swirls of light and then it will eventually become a swirling ball of light. The light it gives off when I do it, is not enough to read by in the dark, but it is enough for everyone to see.

How Does One Go About Flaring?

I will make a list of steps as to how I normally flare.

1. Make as strong of a construct as you can.
2. Double the energy you already have in it
3. Start programing it to emit light. I normally conceptualize, but I would imagine for many it would be easier to visualize.
4. Keep adding in energy while you are programming.
5. Keep at it untill you see results.

As I'm sure you can geuss it takes an awful lot of energy to flare. So don't be surprised if you have trouble with it. Many people are unable to flare due to subconcious mental blocks. So if you pracice flaring for a couple weeks and get no results don't be worried. Come back to it in a few months and you'll have a much easier time.

That's Pretty much it!
That's pretty much all there is to flaring. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask me them. If I don't know the answer I likely know someone who does.
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Flaring, How to
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