To learn, and to Hone.
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PostSubject: Constructs   Tue May 06, 2008 4:43 am

Yep another one of my lessons...


Many of you already have an idea(or know) what constructs are. Constructs are the basis of anything one might do with energy manipulation. As such they are very important to anyone learning about psi.

So what are they? A construct is a collection of psi with programming. So if you did any of the things in lesson two, you made a construct.

Even if you already know(or think you know) all about constructs(P.S. no one does), there is still more to learn. So this lesson is not going to be like the others. What I say is going to boil down to: "Practice, experiment, learn, grow." With those four steps you will constantly be learning more about the nature of constructs.


Kinda obvious... practice all the time, and you will get better if you follow the proceeding steps.


Try new things, be creative, get out of your rut(Or better yet never make one). Try to always be thinking of new and exciting things to do with constructs. See how motion effects the way a construct functions.

For example a spinning construct naturally gathers energy. I never would have found this out if I had not experimented.


Remeber what happened with you last experiments and learn from them. Let them help you think of new ideas for your next experimentation process. Combine a few things you learned through experimentation to create a new type of construct. Or perhaps make a better version of something already out there.


Growth is perhaps the simplest step of all, or maybe the hardest. Use everything from the previous three steps to allow yourself to grow as a whole. Let your mind think in different ways.

And never stop yourself from trying something that might fail. The best that happens is that you fail miserably, and learn something entirely unrelated. It is this growth step that is so easy in theory, but incrediably hard to keep up with all the time.

Yes Another Ending...

so there you have it another lesson, another ending... And four great steps to help with EM in general. This lesson was much less focussed because once you can make constructs(which I am sure you can if you have been practicing... ) the only things left to learn are much more specialized.

As such, the lessons in the future will be about specific techniques, or problems most people come across while practcing energy manipulation.

I have in mind an idea for the next lesson, but feel free to suggest ideas, or topics to cover for future classes. If they are good, or I lack ideas, they will be used. So don't hesitate.
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