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 Remote Viewing Article-By Brandonslau

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PostSubject: Remote Viewing Article-By Brandonslau   Sat May 03, 2008 6:47 pm

Introduction on RV:

Remote Viewing, it's one of those skills that you have to literally meditate on to get good at it, but that always may not be true. Most people believe they can master RVing overnight or can't get it at all. Learning to RV is like learning to play an instrument. The definition of RV(abbreviation for remote viewing) is when Agent 1 will try to view something like point B from point A using their 'mind's eye' or 'mind sight'. If you are familiar with clairvoyance, you might have noticed it is a branch of it. Clairvoyance is seeing things beyond the normal physical sight, for an example seeing the future. Usually when using clairvoyance you will get a mental picture not a physical one. Remote viewing is a branch off clairvoyance because RV qualifies as seeing beyond the normal physical sight.

RV-Remote Viewing is the ability to gain information which lies beyond the range of our ordinary sense threw visual means.

People will either refer to this as scanning or RV.Scanning is a more broad term, it can take many definition, what we are talking about refers to you using your mind to look at locations or objects out of sight.Why learn it? It may come in very useful one day. You can use it just about everyday, from finding lost objects like those darn car keys, to checking up on things at home.

Now that you have some sort of knowledge base on the subject, I will give you a methods on how to do it.

Method 1:
First off you want to meditate for at least 5 minutes(or longer) before if you are just beggining to make sure your mind is at the least a bit fresh and vulnerable to Remote Viewing practice. Prior to meditating you want to find the object's 'energy signature', it would be best to have closed eyes from this point on. For that you would want to focus on the place,object, or person you are attempting to view. There is a sort of vague feeling when you have tagged onto the energy signature, you will feel, a distinctive feeling in your stomach as heavy or gentle pulling, somewhat attached in the least. Once you have locked onto the energy it's all smooth sailing from there,if you have patience and a clear mind. Just keep focusing on the object you are trying to RV for a while, soon you will start to get images. If that doesn't work trying asking yourself a mental question such as, "Where are the _____?"
"Show me the _____".

Method 2: This method is very quick but much more challenging. Prepare yourself by meditating as you did before. Now instead of directly trying to get the energy signature you would want to focus on your conscsiousness or awareness of your surroundings. To identify your awareness it feels like a dense field around you now you.Keeping your eyes closed as from above, now you would want to try to expand or stretch your awareness out to where or what you are trying to RV. Stretching your awareness refers to taking that feeling I described above and pushing it to the location. You can also visualize a dense field of psi and moving seeing it move there. In my opinion this method is a bit advanced and difficult for those who just are beggining as well who have done this before.

How to quickly Improve:
To improve your Remote Viewing skills you need to meditate. A simple meditation to do will be provided below. Since remote viewing has to do with mental pictures it would be very easy to get 'mind feedback'.When you get false information from your mind from trying to hard or having a cluttered head mind. Another way to improve quickly over time is to obviously, practice. Practice always makes perfect. But practicing anywhere, anytime is not an option. The best time to practice is in the afternoon during daylight. Practicing when you are tired doesn't help because you will mostly get mind feedback or a headache. It is also best to practice alone in your own private space and time. Practicing with others may cause you to stress out on not looking like a fake or an idiot and getting it right. That will serve you no good. The best thing to do is get a fair amount of practice and expierence in remote viewing before trying it with others.

A meditation for pre-Rving:
You can sit in any position you want, the most commonly is the crossed legged position,the lotus, but you can lay down for this. It is also good for concentration to have a quiet enviorment and closed eyes. Take 3 deep breaths inhaling and exhaling then go back to your normal breathing. Visualize your body in a calm place, like a forest or a beach, hear the sounds of the place, create the feeling of being there, what the grass feels like or the sand. Stay in that place and start counting back from a big number like 100. This is important because it helps you zone out, or loose your thoughts and become clamer. After your meditation it helps the body to relax by stretching or tightening your muscles,holding it for about 5-10 seconds then realeasing.

Here are ways you can practice: You can use the RV tests in which you try to remote view a picture or a card. The most commonly site used is
Another good way is to play a nice game of minesweeper mentioned from a previous article about Remote Viewing by Jedikaren. In that case you would try to view where the bombs are to avoid clicking on them rather than the number spaces. And the old object in the box, have a friend or someone else hide an object in an old shoebox or something and try to perceive what it is.A way I personally have practiced is by closing my eyes and viewing the area to get from point A to point B. Another way I practice I talk to my friends on instant messangers and try to remote view their location to see what's around them to see if I am right.

The most danger in Remote Viewing is over-doing it and that will cause a headache,drowsiness, and sometimes it could make it more difficult for you to do other psionic practices. Another way remote viewing can cause a headache is from practicing when you're tired.

My expierences with remote viewing are peering into people's location to see what's around them and playing awesome games of minesweeper. I also found one of my old computer games disk, like The Sims 2.

Energy Signature- A person's energy or feel(in non physical terms).
Mind feedback- When you get false perceptions when trying to hard with skills like remote viewing.
Remote Presence-The ability to project your awareness away from your physical body and then is used to gather information in which we interpret.
Remote Hearing- Hearing beyond the normal physical senses.
Clairvoyance- Perception of things beyond the normal physical sight.
Coordiante RV(CRV)-Coordinate RV is a standard RV protocol but used with the initial "tasking" of geographical coordinates (or ‘encrypted’ coordinates) for the target.
Extended RV(ERV)- In this method, usually the person reclines or lies down comfortably in a darkened room, and another individual asks them questions and records the data they verbally provide.

Remote Viewing sites: -ESP Tests Tests -Learn coordinate RV - Coordinate RV manual
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Remote Viewing Article-By Brandonslau
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