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 Cloaking shields

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PostSubject: Cloaking shields   Tue May 06, 2008 4:45 am

This is the last lesson I wrote! I may have mroe articles though...

Cloaking Shields

Well most of you probably know what these are. However, a few probably do not. So I will briefly explain what they are before going on to tips and techniques. (Alliteration! I think I like it!)

Cloaking Shields!? What are those?

Cloaking shields are constructs that make it so other people don't notice you, or per'aps think you are something else. They often overlap with telepathy and TPS, so you may want to join the telepathy class if you plan on using these a lot. As I'm sure you can imagine they can be very funny, and occasionally useful.

So below I will explain some of the more common(still fairly uncommon) types of cloaking shields are, and how to make them.

Tips And Techniques!

TPS Cloaking

The most used type of cloaking shield (by me anyways) is the TPS shield. This is a shield that makes it difficult to see you or other wise notice that you are there. An example would be, if you wanted to hide out in the woods(you are playing Man-Hunt), you could make a cloaking shield that would make people think you are a bush or tree.

Below are some steps to make a cloaking shield. The example for this one is to make yourself appear to others as a bush.

1. Make a shield on yourself, the way you normally like to.

2. Clear your mind.

3. Gather the feeling of a tree in your mind.

4. Visualize a tree.

5. Program the shield to broadcast the image and feeling of a tree to anything that is near you.

Not so hard. the trick is getting good at telepathic suggestion(TPS). If you are good at TPS this will be fairly easy. If not... practice more!

Empathy Cloaking

This is a cloaking shield that hides your emotions or gives of false ones. This is really only useful if you are going to be deceiving someone. This is akin to the TPS shield. You must have some skill in empathy in order to do this well.

Because it's fairly obvious how to make a shield that conceals your emotions (Just make a shield that stops your emotions from going through it) I will give steps how to make a shield that gives off false emotions.

1. Make a shield on yourself, the way you normally like to.

2. Clear your mind.

3. Gather the feeling of the emotion you want to give off in your mind.

4. Conceptualize the emotion the best you can.

5. Program the shield to broadcast the feeling to anything that is near you.

There now you can conceal your emotions from people, and even give off different ones! So, you can make yourself hard to notice and hard to feel. The only thing left is to conceal your Psionic signature. Then you will be the ultimate prankster/spy!

Psi-Signature Cloaking

Psi-sig cloaking is covering up or giving off a different psi-sig. This makes it hard for people to psionicly find you. This of course is very useful in combat as your opponent may never have a chance to attack you.

Here are the steps to the way I cloak my sig.

1. Make a shield on yourself, the way you normally like to.

2. Clear your mind.

3. Find the sig of the person you want to give off.

4. Focus on the sig the best you can. Make sure to fully understand the way the sig feels.

5. Imbed the Sig into the shield over top of your own sig .

There you go, now no one will ever be able to find you again!


There are some unusual uses for psi-sig cloaking. Just to throw one out there and get you thinking make a construct for combat and mask it's sigs with the enemies. He will think his constructs are going rouge and attacking him!

Also if you intend on impersonating a specific person, you can use a combination of all three types of cloaking shields. they all work well together so don't be afraid to experiment.

Well go out there and have fun screwing with peoples minds! Just remember if you get in trouble because you tried things in this article, it's not my fault. It's yours for not being good enough!


This is much more hands on than previous assignments. I want you to try out each type of cloaking shield around other people who don't know what you are doing. Make sure to post what happens in your assignment thread.

I would like to add, if someone knows you are making a cloaking shield, they will know it is you, no matter how good you are. This is because their mind already knows it is you before you even try. Like how you know it is your friend in a Halloween costume on Halloween, because you know they put on the costume.

If you have any questions about cloaking shields, post them here.
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Cloaking shields
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