To learn, and to Hone.
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 Stolide Demens' Art of the Mind

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PostSubject: Stolide Demens' Art of the Mind   Tue May 06, 2008 5:25 am

Surprise! Not a lesson!

Stolide Demens' Art Of The Mind

A list of tips and ideas to aid the psion in the eternal quest to achieve mastery over ones mind.

  • The control of ones mind is the path to focus

  • Focus is the path to improvement of psionics

  • Emotion properly used is a most powerful force

  • Understand yourself

  • Understand you goal

  • Understand your energy

  • Understand how

  • Learn from victory as well as failure

  • Failure is most often the path to success

  • Experimentation is the key

  • Be aware of your mood and use that to your advantage

  • Try not unless you are able to learn

  • Loss is the path to gain

  • Use your energy not unless there is something to be gained

  • Knowledge is a gift most great

  • Idleness is wastefulness

  • A combination of action and watching is the only way to learn

  • He will succeed who knows what to try and what not to try

  • Seek questions not answers

  • Do not dismiss the skeptics. Listen and learn from them.

  • All people walk the path of logic from a different perspective

  • Learn to avoid the Fluff

This is going to be updated all the time, so check back often.

Inspiration and credits goes to Sun Tzu's Art Of War

Stolide 2007, I don't mind if you use it, just leave my name on it, and don't change it.
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Stolide Demens' Art of the Mind
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