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 Defensive combat

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PostSubject: Defensive combat   Tue May 06, 2008 5:27 am

Wow! Another lesson!

Defensive Combat

I got the suggestion for a combat oriented class. So thats what we have here. However this is going to be focussed on fighting defensively. You will be hopelessly lost in a combat situation if you can't sense. So that is actually more important for combat than this.

I will give a few suggestions as to how to effectively defend yourself with very little skill. If you have done your homework, than you already know of one good shield.

As it turns out shileds are the easiest way to defend yourself. As such that will be the focus of the beggining of this lesson.


At the most basic level, a shield is a thin layer of energy programmed to restrict the passage of energy. But a basic level will not help you most of the time. So below are some common (and not so) shields.

Bubble Shield

This is the easiest shield. Just make a bubble of energy around yourself and program it to stop energy from passing through it. This means even a new psion could make this with little difficulties.

Mirror Shield

This is a basic bubble shield but with one important difference. It is programmed to deflect any attack back at the attacker. This means if someone is going all out attacking you, with a mirror shield up, they will only be hurting themselves.

Marshmallow Shield

This is a very thick "gooey" shield. It is programmed to be like a marshmellow, so that anything that touches it gets stuck in its goo. Somepeople also program it to absorb the energy from constructs stuck in it, and use that energy to repair itself.

Layered Shield

A layered shield is just that. Layers of different types of shields. Most people use it in this order, from outside to inside: mirror, marshmallow, bubble. In anycase it works well because each shield is better with different things, as such it can handle many more attacks than one by itself.

Other Defensive Strategies

When someone is attacking you,(for whatever reason) you need more than shields. All shields do is help you out last the opponent. While that is helpfull, more often than not it won't be enough.

Something slightly offensive is very helpfull. So below I will list three easy steps to keep yourself very secure against any attack.

1. Make a mirror shield, that is also programmed to gather its own energy.. This way any attack directed towards you is bounced back at your opponent.

2. Make a construct that saps an amount of energy from your opponent equal to what they use to attack you. Program this construct to send that energy to your mirror shield.(or just include this in it's programming.)

3. Program the mirror shield to send the attack back with twice as much energy as there was when it hit.

There you go, a defensive setup that makes you a threat only too those that attack you. Also it is effective against (almost) any enemy, no matter how powerfull there attacks are.

Another Ending, Any Questions?
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Defensive combat
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