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 Methods for tk(psiwheel)

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PostSubject: Methods for tk(psiwheel)   Tue May 06, 2008 11:28 pm

The methods I would use I found very effective for me.

The first one was when I imagined the psiwheel my size and the me the wheel's size. Then I visualized myself spinning instead of the psi wheel. I got it from another site. It sounds weird but it worked! lol!

Another method was when I just would focus on the wheel and a force would push it I guess. Like you tactilely do it but don't visualize anything or touch it. Otherwise known as the 'Just do it' method.

They both worked well, I didn't use my hands for psychokinesis(except when I first got into psionics) and it was still positive results. I recommend these two methods and not to yours your hands but using your mind more, you might get headaches quicker but it eliminates some factors of the heat from your hands moving the wheel.
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Methods for tk(psiwheel)
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