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 About this Thread.

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PostSubject: About this Thread.   Thu May 15, 2008 12:29 am

I only wish one rule for this board(aside from the basic site rules which applies to all sections)

I wouldn't care if I had seen something a bit 'naughty' or going beyond the normal sheilded combat, I'd just warn you. But to let you guys know I don't want all that here. One thing can lead to another and this will be a garbage can. A site is nothing without it's members so if I start off easy going and then strict people will leave.

SO Im telling you now. Keep the combat board free of potentially harmful techniques to the minimum. If you feel that it is just to be informative and you vaguely go over about 'how to do it' then it's alright but if you are going to help others learn this, do it when you log out.


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About this Thread.
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