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 Clairvoyance-By Brandonslau

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PostSubject: Clairvoyance-By Brandonslau   Sat May 03, 2008 9:31 pm

By Brandon (Brandonslau)

A bad thing?[

Clairvoyance, one of the many psychic abilities that have been misunderstood. In the old days it was thought a clairvoyant person was a witch and must be killed. And that’s not all, clairvoyance was never to be thought of as a popular psychic ability, people thought that seeing events of the future would be horrible, they feared seeing bad things such as death or rape, or seeing spirits was thought of bad. But I, Brandon will tell you no, seeing things such as death, rape, and/ or spirits isn’t necessarily bad. Now with me just stating that you might say “Who is this guy, is he on drugs or something?”(just to be clear the answer is no,I thought I could make it somewhat humorous),But before you jump to that conclusion let me explain further. See some, not all visions or a psychic impression of bad things in the future is a chance to change it, let me clarify that. Lets make up a scenario here. You are the psychic I am your best friend, you have a vision of me being hurt at a party, just before the party you tell me its not a good idea to go. Of course I’m going to say “Well, why?” and you would say something like this trying not to freak me out about the whole psychic thing “I have a bad feeling about it.”, obviously I’m not going to listen and say something like it’ll be alright. So you follow me to the party and stick around, later some gang walks in and you saw them at the door first so you rush to me, greet me and take me to the outside patio to talk. Then as you and I are outside you hear a gun shot. You find out that there was a small agreement and the gun aim was off and there was a bullet right where I was sitting. That is a sort of long but description of a vision you can change, sometimes you can change and sometimes it was meant to be.

But I’m no psychic (or good at being psychic)[

Actually you are psychic, deep inside you there is a voice, the voice is you, your psychic soul telling you things that’s why you get those feelings in your gut, or a voice you actually hear someone say something such as “don’t go there” about some things. This is called intuition, most of your intuitive abilities are buried deep inside you, waiting for you to grab a shovel and find them. “How do I do that?” you do what I did research, use everything you can, including the internet and your local library. Its best to start off researching rather than practicing to be sure this is really what you want, meditate (and remember its not about how long you do its how often you 15 minutes is good enough),then practice. It’s good to be apart of a group online or in real life to learn from each other and share thoughts/experiences.

My Research in Clairvoyance

This is the part of the article where I will tell you what I have found out about clairvoyance personally, besides the previous parts you have read on this page. Ok I have researched a lot on this subject it pretty much took time out of my daily life for me to get on the computer or go to my local library to read on it. A developing clairvoyant I was (still am) seeking everything I could find about it, but when I was a newbie to this I joined an e group on yahoo that was based on psychic phenomena. Of course it wasn’t just a group to me after some time it was more of a friendly community of like minded people, when I joined the owner told me “Don’t hesitate to ask questions.”, believe me I took full advantage of that opportunity. I asked many questions, soon after I began reading e books on clairvoyance learning exercises to improve my ability. Such as throat friction, when I breathed a certain way and focused on something called the third eye chakra and it would help my third eye open, which is believed to give off the ability of clairvoyance. I researched these chakras, they where described to be energy centers but there are 7 main ones they are psychic channels you open to gain psychic awareness and ability growth. So I began to learn to work on the third eye and my solar plexus chakra (the intuitive center) since both where appropriate in my mind to what I was seeking (clairvoyant abilities). As the third eye was my main focus the solar plexus chakra moved out slowly then I began reading books in the library on clairvoyance, one book caught my eye in particular, I don’t remember what it was called but I read under the chapter of clairvoyance this exercise that only required visualization(as do most). It said to close your eyes visualize a switch by your forehead and turn it on and see one eye slowly opening and getting wider, then imagine a zipper on your head and unzip it slowly to hear psychically better. I don’t think that technique has brought much food to the table but that’s one exercise. I kept on searching the net after that and I found a website called Clairvision where I found a free e book with exercises for clairvoyance and how to practice it. Of course I began to read it at the end of the article ill give you a link to it. Continuing on I eventually learned how to cause visual psychic impressions while eyes closed I have only had about 6 though. Well this is the end of my article there is miscellaneous things at the bottom of the page, I hope you enjoyed me article (you better it took a while to write).

Resources :

Clairvision free download pdf. “Awakening the Third Eye”:

-This is a great book for ALL clairvoyants or people interested in seeing.

Types of Clairvoyance:

Seeing involves help from spirits where the messages are transmitted in symbolic form or vague visions.
Seeing Viojora is where the clairvoyant views the situation as if they were actually there
Forms of Clairvoyance:

Remote Viewing
Past Clairvoyance
Future Clairvoyance
Auric Sight
Clairvoyant Crystal Gazing
Distance Clairvoyance

©Copyright 2007-2008 Brandonslau his productions. All Rights Reserved.

To repost this article you must have my personal permission.
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Clairvoyance-By Brandonslau
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